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I am Maria Toti, the founder of PinterestClick. I didn't study designing at school, but I loved it since my childhood. I have been using design tools and softwares for years and I have mastered the art of graphic design. My tendency is designing eye-catching graphics for social media and also for business websites. I love helping people with their business. I really feel satisfied when I get positive feedback from them.

I have been working for local and online companies for sometime. I always had the dream of starting my own online platform to offer my services. Now I am putting it into action. I love action! Action, action, action. I have helped several business grow their business in Pinterest with graphics, guidance and optimization.

Now I have my own team and we are very excited to help you make Pinterest your best source of traffic!

We will be happy to cooperate with you and help you boost your business whatever it is! We have designed highly converting pins for many people in Pinterest. We created accounts, boards, covers and infographics. We have been creative and original in our services. We always like to provide our clients with work that suits their branding and meets their requirements. 

For any questions you may have, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you,


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