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A Business-Owner's Guide to Boosting Sales and Marketing with Freelance Help

Effective marketing and sales attract customers and drive conversions, increasing your business' profits. If you're a small business owner without a big budget for a full-time sales and marketing team, freelancers can help. The number of professionals freelancing is increasing, meaning you have a larger market to select from than ever before.

Read on to find out how to leverage freelance talent to boost your business' marketing and sales success.

Why outsource your sales and marketing instead of hiring full-time staff

Hiring freelancers offers many benefits. First, it's cheaper than hiring full-time staff. You can save anywhere from 20 to 30 percent per year since you won't have to pay benefits like Social Security and Medicare. There is also less risk involved as an employer, as you can limit payroll and don't have to stress about liability issues like worker's compensation.

Beyond sales and marketing, there are also "off-the-shelf" services you can use for outsourcing administrative tasks. For example, ZenBusiness can help with your business registration. Setting up an entity like a limited liability company, LLC, offers tax advantages. Note that LLC formation rules vary between states, so check your area's laws. For example, LLC formation in California requires you to file the California Articles of Organization.

How to determine your business' sales and marketing support needs

When building a freelance sales and marketing team, it's important to identify your needs. Vital explains how to write a marketing plan to get started. This will help you pinpoint what types of professionals you need to complete what tasks. Start by defining your end goals and then determine what concrete steps need to be taken to reach them.

For example, say you want to expand your social media marketing and enter a brand new channel like Pinterest. You'll want to use a platform like Pinterest Click to help manage your Pinterest activity. So, ideally, you'll hire a freelance social media marketing professional who is well-versed in this tool.

How to build the perfect freelance support team

Once you know what to look for in a freelancer, you can write a job posting to find the right professional. Summarize the role, its core responsibilities, and the required qualifications. provides a quick guide to writing an effective job posting. In addition to posting job ads, you can proactively look for people on work-for-hire platforms like Upwork.

When vetting candidates, ensure they meet the criteria you've outlined in your job posting. Further, consider key points like how much they charge, their portfolio, and any testimonials they can offer from former clients. Also consider practical points, like what type of communication tools they use, such as email versus a chat app.

What you can do to support your sales and marketing team's success

Once you've selected your freelancers, put some effort into onboarding them. Learning Bank recommends creating a visual connection via video calls to get started and giving them access to a digital onboarding program—for example, a video tutorial that explains key processes. These steps will help your freelancers integrate into your company.

What else can you do to boost your sales and marketing team's success? Consider tricks like making lead generation collaborative and setting measurable key performance indicators. Practically speaking, give them the tools they need to drive success. For example, high-quality marketing materials will help capture potential clients.

A quality website with attractive banners and a clear call-to-action is a great way to build brand awareness and recognition. You can hire a graphic designer or use a banner generator to do the job yourself. Find a template that fits your brand and then personalize it according to the color, font, and text.

Freelance sales and marketing professionals can support your business' success in many ways. The key to success is selecting the right team, onboarding them properly, and then giving them the tools they need to thrive. Trust the above guide to help.

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