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Having a Pinterest online marketing strategy wasn’t some thing I initially considered when I first began my blog page. Like many, I believed that Instagram would be my most appropriate platform.

But after blogging for some months, I started hearing what others were telling: “Pinterest is my #1 way to obtain traffic!” and “Pinterest ought to be apart of your social networking strategy!”

And you’ve also probably considered to yourself, “Pinterest Marketing isn’t for me personally. I don’t post recipes or crafts“. Those were my precise thoughts as well, however when I started hearing additional bloggers, I figured that I will try to incorporate Pinterest into my social media strategy, and become familiar with the platform a little better.

When I first started blogging, I felt as though I was writing to no one.

I was lucky having one or two people check out my site each day. By April 30, 2017 (the first stage) I was getting zero traffic from Pinterest.

A full month later, after starting to pin a small occasionally, I only got 127 visitors from Pinterest to my site. In mid-May, I began to put into action a targeted Pinterest online marketing strategy and by July 28, 2017, I am recovering from 1,000 unique site visitors monthly from Pinterest with constant development week by week.

That's a 900% upsurge in traffic and today, like a great many other bloggers, Pinterest is my number 1 way to obtain referral traffic, with SE to arrive close second!

My Pinterest profile has over 200,000 month to month views, and do you know what? By writing this, I just have 306 fans on Pinterest - however my pins are developing exponentially every week and my visitors from Pinterest grows as well.

So essentially what I’m saying is, you certainly do not need to possess a huge following on Pinterest to reap the benefits. You can still possess an incredible Pinterest marketing strategy with no a great deal of followers or the big bucks to invest on ads.

Oh and the very best component? I spend probably 20-30 minutes weekly focusing on my Pinterest online marketing strategy (the others is me finding out about recipes I’ll by no means make and hairstyles I’ll never have the ability to recreate).

Are you excited yet? Because I understand I am so thrilled to see you utilize Pinterest to develop your blog!

So let’s feel the specific steps I took to be able to optimize my Pinterest accounts and allow it grow on autopilot and that means you too can begin traffic generation from Pinterest!

STEP 1: JOIN A BUSINESS ACCOUNT First things first, signal yourself up for a business account about Pinterest so you can view your analytics and keep an eye on your progress.

To join up for a business accounts, click here!

Once you’ve enrolled in your Pinterest accounts, you will need to get into your profile and state your site by clicking “State Website” along the still left hand part of your profile configurations.

Step two 2: ENABLE RICH PINS Rich pins will vary from regular pins in Pinterest for the reason that they add a little additional information. Pinterest describes wealthy pins as the next:

“Rich Pins show metadata directly on the Pin itself, presenting Pinners a richer experience and raising engagement. Info in a Rich Pin is definitely in addition to the Pin description, making certain important info is always linked with the Pin. There are 4 types of Wealthy Pins: app, article, recipe and product Pins.

Rich Pins work by displaying metadata from marked up pages on your own website. Once you’ve requested Rich Pins, any content material on your own site with metadata will become a Rich Pin whenever a user saves it.”

Rich pins help together with your user experience about Pinterest and motivate them to click to your site. There’s no reason you ought not have rich pins!

To add these pins you will need to download the free of charge edition of the Yoast plugin to your WordPress internet site. After you have Yoast set up and activated, click “SEO” in your WordPress sidebar and click on “social”. From there, go to the “Facebook” tab.

Here you will want to allow open graph metadata and save your changes.

Now, head to Pinterest’s Rich Pin Validator and input an URL to ANY weblog post from your website. That’s all there can be to it! In case you have effectively enabled wealthy pins you will notice the following message:

Step three 3: OPTIMIZE YOUR PINTEREST PROFILE Without a doubt something - Pinterest isn't a social media system just as much as it is search engines. Instead of group Pinterest in to the same category as Instagram and Facebook, start great deal of thought more like Google.

So what does which means that? Well, this means you’re heading to need to brush through to your SEO a bit. But don’t be concerned, I’ve got this beginner lead to SEO which will get you all swept up on the fundamentals of keywo